Safety is our #1 priority.

At GROUP, we understand that the keys to success in construction revolve around safety.

We recognize that our workforce is our most valuable asset and have taken the steps below to ensure its success.

Health, Safety & Environment Key Components:


  • Employee Training
  • COSS-Trained Supervisors
  • HSE Auditing
  • HSE Software


  • Safety Manual Reviewed Annually
  • Track Safety Observations
  • Pre-Job Planning
  • Daily JHA Plan


  • Safety Incentives
  • LIFE Campaign
  • Live Orientation
  • Worker Program


  • Goal Establishment
  • Annual Systems Review
  • Annual Review Orientation
  • HSE Software
  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Follow-Up Actions Tracked

We are dedicated to taking extra measures when it comes to safety on-site.

Safety Management:

  • DISA
  • ISNet World
  • PEC Safety
  • NCMS
  • NCCCO Operator Certifications
  • NCCER Assessment Center With Four Master Trainers on Staff