Industrial Building Services


Industrial Building Services

Building Blocks of Strength

Through our expertise and partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors, we have a vast understanding of the challenges that may come our way during the construction of various building types, and we are equipped to navigate them with ease. From warehouse construction and blast-resistant concrete buildings to storage facilities and more complex control rooms, we know what it takes to bring it to life. Our in-house architect, specialization in deep foundations, and civil construction services make it possible for us to deliver you turnkey building and design-build solutions.


Our industrial Building Services Include:

  • i-MetalSteel

    Metal Buildings

    Metal buildings are the perfect combination of efficiency and stability. While these structures are pre-engineered, they offer a number of options to meet your specific needs to include features like large clear span and blast-resistant capabilities.

  • i-Masonry

    Masonry Buildings

    Masonry buildings let you combine the most desirable assets of concrete and steel into one. Using a steel structural frame as the foundation with concrete blocks to complete it, masonry buildings are the ultimate secure structure, ready to stand the test of time.

  • i-Precast

    Precast Buildings

    Because the fabrication of these structures is completed offsite, precast buildings offer a highly-efficient option for industrial facilities. Once it’s time to install, you get an extremely resilient structure without the extended erection process time onsite.

  • i-BlastResistant

    Blast-Resistant Buildings

    Our blast-resistant buildings are specifically designed to safeguard your personnel and equipment while on an industrial site. Depending on your particular requirements, we can construct your building out of the appropriate materials, whether it be steel, precast or masonry.

  • i-Control

    Control Buildings

    Serving as the hub for your industrial processes, we know how essential control buildings are for your operations. Using precise construction procedures, extreme attention to detail and years of expertise, we ensure that your mission-critical space is only the highest quality of setups.

  • i-MCC

    MCC Buildings

    Generally constructed with masonry or precast, MCC (Motor Control Center) buildings are used for their long-lasting effects. With the ability to withstand any environmental condition that may arise, these structures will guarantee your electrical equipment and team members operating it stay secure.

  • i-Warehouses


    Whether you’re looking for a temporary storage solution on your job site or a more permanent facility at your completed business, we have the ability to design and build any form of warehouse to fit your specific needs.

  • i-Industrial

    Industrial Laboratories

    We understand and have experience in building a variety of laboratories to meet any desired specifications, no matter how complex. With both mechanical and electrical services involved, we’ll make sure your personnel and equipment will be accommodated to the safest degree.


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