Drilled Auger Cast Piles


Drilled Auger Cast Piles

Solidifying the Bottom Line

GROUP works to stay up on the latest technologies and techniques being utilized in the field of construction, and the auger cast system has proven to be the preferred system for providing sturdier, more efficient foundations for our clients. When using the auger cast system, our team begins by drilling an auger into the ground, which is then filled with grout, effectively eliminating any voids in the hole and creating a sturdy base for foundational structures. The solid pile structure achieved by using this system allows for more significant side-bearing pressure, static pressure, and friction.

While many projects are ideally suited for auger cast pilings, some factors may cause our team to move towards another type of piling system. Factors such as sequencing grout deliveries, maneuvering grout trucks within an existing industrial facility and other challenges surrounding the weather may cause the auger cast system to be an impractical solution. However, in situations where maneuverability is not an issue, auger cast pilings are a likely and often-preferred option. Drilling is also a great option to reduce vibrations in industrial vessels that are highly sensitive, such as plants. Looser soils or clay strata are also conducive to auger cast piles as drilling becomes a much more efficient method than driving piles.

Using the auger cast system, our team is essentially building a pile underground by utilizing cranes with associated leads, a drill head, grout pump and an auger. In tandem with the crane operator, an excavator will work to remove any “spoils” being uprooted and transport them off-site. Once the grout has been placed into the hole, a cage is sunk into the hole to provide extra stability for the grout structure once solidified. Any and all certification training is provided to GROUP’s team to ensure that workers remain safe and high-quality outcomes are achieved for our clients.

The auger cast system allows our team to perform large-scale foundational projects in record times, providing the best possible foundational support while executing projects safely and on time.


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