Company History

Constructing a Legacy

Company History


Established by David Arrighi over two decades ago, GROUP Contractors was initially created as an industrial builder but quickly expanded into the premier specialty contractor we know today.


Began as an industrial and commercial builder, and expanded to performing civil scopes


Launched drilled shaft division


Separated Arrighi Construction, LLC for commercial projects


Established driven pile capabilities


Divided into two operating industrial contractor companies, GROUP Contractors and GROUP Deep Foundations


GROUP celebrated its 25th Anniversary

Today, GROUP is a full-service contractor with the ability to self-perform deep foundations, civil scopes, pile caps, foundations and industrial buildings beyond clients’ expectations. We are equipped with:

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In addition to the manpower and expertise we provide, we are also proud to be on the cutting edge of technology on all levels of our operations, from the job site to our office. Here’s how our advancements translate to each department:

  • Utilizing paperless accounting software, we bring an extra level of transparency while also streamlining our invoicing and payment methods.
  • Using cloud-based project management software, we allow full transparency to each of our clients as well as offer increased quality and efficiency through proper document management.
  • Implementing our HCSS software has allowed us to better monitor safety performance goals and keep track of the leading indicators along the way.

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