Our Philosophy

Be The Hero

Our Philosophy


As one of the largest industrial contractors in Louisiana, we approach our work with the attitude that to participate is a privilege, not a right, which means we do our best to deliver beyond expectations in everything we do. And, at the forefront of everything we do is safety.

With over 1,600 diverse projects completed, we have the know-how to solve any problem at hand to the highest quality possible. We take pride in and measure our success by the relationships and reputation we develop and nurture within our community. In fact, 73.5% of our clients are repeat clients, which we owe to the following beliefs with which we instill in each of our team members.

Core Purpose

Building a lasting opportunity for growth, accomplishment and success.

Core Values

Dedicated to excellence in safety, quality and performance

Integrity – Doing the right thing for the right reason

Exceed Expectations – “Be the Hero”

Teamwork – Building success through a combined effort of clients, colleagues and co-workers


Our AQC Promise

As contractors, we want business owners and the public, in general, to know that we care about our employees and the communities in which we build and that we are prepared to demonstrate this concern through our actions. We are proud to be contractors and proud to be an integral part of this great industry.

We want our many “publics” to know that we are dedicated to the principles of free enterprise and that we are committed to providing our employees, now and in the future, with the skills they need to work safely and productively on the job site.


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