Diamond Green Diesel Warehouse


Diamond Green Diesel Warehouse

Project Overview

We completed a project build for a large diesel refinery in Norco, Louisiana, which included a warehouse and an administration building, with great success, staying ahead of schedule and completing all aspects above client expectations!

The warehouse spans 25,000 square feet with a built-in maintenance shop and a 5,000-square-foot office space. A two-hour fire-rated assembly was implemented into the office space and a sprinkler system was installed throughout the entire warehouse for complete protection. Utilizing precast concrete piles, GROUP Deep Foundations was able to build a solid concrete foundation to support the entire structure. After the foundation was complete, a pre-engineered metal building with a Kalwall skylight system was installed for the main structure, reinforced with masonry interior walls. Once the structure was complete, the interior was completed with ceramic tiles and standard finishes throughout.

For the administration building, a buildout was performed on an existing portion of the warehouse structure to include 15,000 additional square feet of new offices, showers and change rooms. Once the add-on build was complete, significant demolition took place to allow for a new plumbing system. This portion of the project was completed with metal studs, drywall installation and standard finishes throughout.

Project Scope Included:

  • Warehouse Building:
    • 30,000 square feet
    • Precast concrete piles
    • Concrete foundation
    • Pre-engineered structure erection
  • Administration Building:
    • 15,000 square feet
    • Buildout of existing warehouse structure
    • Demolition for plumbing