EMR – International Shipbreaking Dock & Crane Foundation


EMR – International Shipbreaking Dock & Crane Foundation

Project Overview

GROUP Deep Foundations was contracted by International Shipbreaking, a division of EMR, to design and build this 1,580-ft.-long king pile bulkhead to be able to dismantle the USS Ranger, a retired United States aircraft carrier.

International Shipbreaking was given a mere $0.01 to transport and dismantle the carrier after the USS Ranger Foundation was unable to raise the necessary funds to convert the ship into a museum or further transport it. GROUP was able to complete the task by first driving king piles, installing sheet piles and tie back rods, filling the piles with concrete, removing spoils and dredging for the slip all while grading the site ahead of schedule with zero safety incidents.

Project Scope Included::

  • 42”-diameter king piles with sheet pile interlocks
  • Sheet pile tie back wall with tie back rods
  • Dredging and removing over 300,000 cubic yards of spoils
  • Site grading