Enbridge Pipeline Metering Station


Enbridge Pipeline Metering Station

Project Overview

Situated in a remote corner of Cameron Parish still reeling from a Category 4 hurricane, Enbridge’s new elevated pipeline metering station would become a much-needed part of the pipeline company’s Cameron Extension Project, which will provide natural gas to the nearby Calcasieu Pass LNG export terminal.

Contract Value: $1,480,934

The project consisted of a multi-faceted civil construction greenfield project requiring precast and poured-in-place concrete and significant deep foundation work. GROUP Industries’ task was to construct the entirety of the elevated, 12-foot-high precast deck system and a connecting ramp for the station. The system was designed and fabricated by Waskey of Baton Rouge nearly 200 miles away, and would ultimately support equipment, piping, and instrumentation needed for the station.

By project’s end, more than 200 truckloads of piles, girders, precast deck components, grout, and other materials had been delivered to the site. There were more than 120 piles measuring 18-inch-square by 95 feet long, and some 2,000 bags of grout. Many of the girders were delivered in sections that were spliced together at the site, with some pieces weighing 60,000 pounds. The precast panels were equally large, measuring 30-by-10-feet and weighing 45,000 pounds.

Construction Included:

  • >200 truckloads of piles, girders, precast deck components, grout, and other materials
  • 120 piles measuring 18-inch-square by 95 feet long
  • 2,000 bags of grout
  • 30-by-10-feet precast panels weighing 45,000 pounds


“The precast elevated platform was a very complex project that required attention to detail and tight tolerances during construction and planning the installation … It goes without saying that GROUP’s team was well-qualified to handle this project as there were no issues during construction, and the installation was completed safely and timely.”

Sims Regard, Vice President, Waskey