Oak Park Middle School


Oak Park Middle School

2023 ABC National Excellence in Construction, Pyramid Award

Project Overview

When Hurricane Laura tore through Lake Charles, Louisiana, in 2020, Oak Park Middle School sustained significant amounts of damage to 13 buildings across their 3-acre campuses. Over the span of the project, GROUP Contractors repaired the roof systems of most of the buildings, restored interior acoustic ceilings, and replaced floor tile, sheetrock, insulation, metal wall panels, as well as electrical and HVAC systems.

Working at the mercy of the school’s schedule, GROUP’s team would transfer work from roof to roof as students moved throughout the campus each day. As the project went on, challenges arose, which increased the amount of work that needed to be done, but GROUP’s engineering team found ways to cut costs while producing equal or superior solutions.

The scope of the project continued to increase as work progressed and discoveries, such as subfloor moisture, were made. These discoveries often required full demolition and reconstruction of structures to ensure longevity and safety.

Despite dealing with a two-month work stoppage due to FEMA funding issues, GROUP Contractors completed the project on time and within budget.


Project Included:

  • 40,000 S.F. of Roofing
  • 22,000 S.F. of Acoustical Ceiling
  • 10,000 S.F. of Flooring
  • Sheetrock & Insulation
  • Metal Wall Replacement
  • Electrical & HVAC