Recovery School District Sites


Recovery School District Sites

Project Overview

The scope of this project was multi-faceted. It included a fast track, team approach as it needed to be complete in just over three months from the time of contract execution. It included seven school sites and included not only the construction of seven temporary schools for the district recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, but it also included the renovation of over 300 bathroom facilities spread throughout the school district as well.

The scope of the temporary schools included large site work, underground utilities, campus housing for students, walkways, parking, limestone, and generators for backup utilities.

The bathroom portion of the project included over 4,500 individual items throughout the facilities themselves.

Construction Included:

  • construction of 7 temporary schools
  • over 300 bathroom renovations
  • over 4,500 individual items throughout the bathroom facilities
  • completed in just over 3 months