MMR Entergy UPS Infrastructure


MMR Entergy UPS Infrastructure

Project Overview

GROUP Industries was charged with the task of constructing a new battery substation at Entergy’s Perryville Power Station near Monroe, Louisiana. Facing tight deadlines and numerous challenges from unexpected change orders to mid-stream design tweaks, GROUP’s team was able to accommodate all adjustments while adhering to the project’s stringent timeline.

GROUP’s workforce faced challenging conditions to produce 118 2-foot 60-inch diameter drilled shaft foundations along with vertical concrete piers, slab-on-grade foundations and elevated cast-in-place structures to support three heavy-duty steel battery enclosures 4 feet above the ground. During the intense summertime heat, this project required that the contractor continually “ice” the concrete to maintain optimal temperatures for drilled shaft construction. The addition of this substation now allows Entergy to use battery technology to “black start” its heavy-duty gas turbines, which is a term for rebooting an idle power plant without support from the grid during a major system disruption or a system-wide blackout.

Through all challenges, GROUP collaborated closely with general contractors and worked overtime to ensure that deadlines were met and results delivered beyond client expectations.

Construction Included:

  • 118 30- and 36-inch diameter drilled shafts at 35 feet deep
  • 600 cubic yards of concrete for shafts
  • 180 cubic yards of structural concrete
  • Structural steel