Sasol Fire Water Pumping Station


Sasol Fire Water Pumping Station

2016 ABC Pelican Chapter Excellence in Construction Award
Industrial Buildings

Project Overview

The Sasol Fire Water Pumping Station is a 117-by-40-foot blast-resistant structure in Lake Charles, Louisiana, which is a piece of Sasol’s ethane cracker mega-complex. The strengthened building protects the plant’s firewater pumps and is capable of withstanding a significant blast to preserve Sasol’s ability to provide power in the event of a failure.

This project provided an engineering challenge for GROUP Contractors, which was met with numerous design alterations and approval delays on top of weather delays caused by rain and wind. Through meticulous coordination and communication between GROUP Contractors and partnering teams, this project was successfully completed safely and on time.

Construction Included:

  • 117-by-40-foot metal building
  • 1.7 PSI structure
  • 14 blast-resistant fans
  • 12 massive louvers
  • Blast dampeners
  • Increased number of girts for reinforcement
  • Meticulous safety planning


“This project has been one of our smoothest endeavors in the EPC construction field. GROUP has an outstanding staff, all of which exhibit superior professional integrity.”

Hunter L. Jones, Project Manager, Kaough & Jones Electric Inc.