Sasol Precast Trench


Sasol Precast Trench

Project Overview

GROUP Industries was awarded the Sasol Precast Trench project in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a project which involved the installation of nearly 3 miles of precast cable trench boxes for Sasol’s new ethane cracker complex. What began as a small contract addendum evolved into a vast project spanning nearly 4 years.

By the project’s end, GROUP installed hundreds of trench box sections ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 pounds each and constructed 150 24-inch by 45-foot-deep drilled shafts as foundation. These trench boxes were critical to Sasol’s operation as they provided power for the entire facility. GROUP Industries accommodated contracting adjustments, removed obstructions to make way for unmapped sewage and water lines and intersected throughout much of the site. The addition of record-breaking rainfall made for further challenges. Ultimately, GROUP worked through all challenges presented to produce quality results.

Construction Included:

  • 15,000 linear feet (3 miles) of trench
  • Site work
  • Civil Construction
  • Drilled Shaft Foundation