Topgolf Fence Foundations


Topgolf Fence Foundations

Project Overview

Have you seen the innovative, high-tech Topgolf facility in Baton Rouge? Distinguished by its colossal fencing, Topgolf is the talk of the town for its massive facility and energetic atmosphere. We even attended an ABC Pelican Chapter mixer there to celebrate its opening!

Our GROUP Deep Foundations team was contracted to build the foundation for the giant posts you can see from Siegen Lane, and we were able to complete it in three weeks!

The project, which included 27 pole foundations, was done on-site at Topgolf. Each pole foundation reaches 34 feet deep below the ground’s surface and up to 5 feet wide. Vibrations were used to first root the shaft into the foundation, and then a drill was used to hollow the ground out of it for extra stabilization. After embedding, these supports are able to reinforce the 150-foot tapered posts that you can now see as the venue’s signature icon.

Construction Included:

  • 3-week project
  • Up to 34’ deep, 5’ wide pole foundations
  • 27 poles