Valero Lab Hardening Project


Valero Lab Hardening Project

2013 ABC Pelican Chapter Excellence in Construction Merit Winner
Industrial Buildings

Project Overview

This project involved a four-month fast-tracked “hardening” of a 12,500-square-foot laboratory facility at Valero Refining Corporation’s St. Charles Refinery. This project is a testament to how experience, teamwork and a well-defined constructability process can turn a formidable project into a success.

GROUP’s team worked efficiently and safely to ensure the hardening of the new interior and exterior structural steel components would remain intact in the event of a catastrophic explosion. GROUP Contractors worked hand-in-hand with engineers and architects to reduce the project’s cost by 65 percent and completed the project in just over four months.

Construction Included:

  • Building during laboratory operation
  • 30 tons of structural steel columns
  • Various structural steel components
  • 30-ton hydraulic crane
  • Several small manlifts